The importance of Biosafety for the health professional

The professional who chooses to follow this area must have knowledge about all biosafety standards, as they provide the necessary support to provide a good service that will mainly focus on the health and well-being of the patient. Biosafety is the set of procedures and studies of relevant importance that aims at both minimizing and eliminating risks, where the health and well-being of man, animals and the environment can be compromised, that is, it is responsible for the decrease of complications from the treatment that will be applied.

According to the standards of biosafety some personal protective equipment are essential for prevention of contamination by microorganisms, among them we can mention: disposable gloves, disposable mask, disposable cap and disposable lab coat.

In addition, a professional wishing to open a clinic or spa should be aware that all establishments must comply with and comply with current health legislation and that failure to comply with these standards may have more serious consequences.

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