Spirituality has always been beneficial to any human being, and his belief promotes many changes in behavior, lifestyle, and reports of cures for various types of illness. Buddhism is a good example of full spirituality, it is one of the most beautiful religions, surrounded by rituals, aromas, sounds and meditations. And through a Japanese Buddhist, a therapeutic technique originated that became popular very quickly with the passage of the years, its name is Reiki, that is a smooth and non-invasive healing technique, of harmonization and energy replacement, that maintains and regains health. In Oriental medicine disease is seen as a consequence of the disharmony of the more subtle bodies. Through the laying on of hands used by Reiki we can realign the channels of energy of those who receive and thus restore the natural state (physical, emotional, spiritual), eliminating diseases and promoting health. The therapy can be used to treat behavioral problems such as aggression, stress, depression and also after surgeries assisting in the healing process, in elderly animals promoting an improvement in the quality of life and in animals with terminal illnesses helps to soften and give more comfort, relieving pain and facilitating the transition to death. It can, for example, be a support for a treatment of acupuncture, homeopathy, flower essences and all other forms of healing. In order to practice Reiki, it is necessary to develop consciousness and the feeling of unconditional love, so that you move from one person to another, a type of good energy, which has the following objectives: decrease the symptoms of depression and of panic syndrome; decreased impulsivity; strengthening the immune system; increased self-control; increased calm, tranquility and serenity; stress reduction and anxiety; reduction of toxins in the body; hormonal balance and decreased stress symptoms; and increased creativity. Reiki can be applied to people of all ages, and is even being carried out on animals. If you seek a spiritual therapeutic alternative, be sure to practice Reiki, the positive changes in your life will be many.

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