Care for our health is always a priority in our lives, and we strive not to get the best treatments and health professionals when there is some urgency or need. Taking care of the health of our body, also begins with the prevention of some ills, and some professionals are specialized in helping us in this context, and when there is some real need, one of these health professionals, which falls in this case, prevention and treatment, is the podiatrist, this professional who is dedicated exclusively to take care of the health of our feet, so mistreated with the use of wrong or uncomfortable shoes, and who suffer wear also with the advancement of age, whether in men or women. The podiatrist treats and guides in the prevention of superficial pathologies and possible deformities of the feet. It is enabled to make use of proper and sterilized punching instruments. Also topical medications and orthotics, according to the treatment indicated to the patient. Among the main Podopathies that the Podiatrist takes care of are: diabetic feet, calluses, heel cracks, ingrown nails, fish eyes, chilblains, feet analysis, correct nail cutting, hygiene, callus removal and calluses, treatment of mycoses on the nails and on the skin and correction of the nails, among other evils that affect people of both sexes and of all the ages.
The main goal of a good professional podiatrist is to study the feet completely, making recognition, identification and treatment of their superficial diseases. It works in the phases of protection, prevention, recovery and rehabilitation of foot pathologies, besides guiding the selection of suitable types of footwear and socks and the care that must be taken with shoes. A podiatrist can be found in podiatry clinics, hospitals, beauty clinics, beauty salons, SPAs and home care.
In Brazil there are several of these professionals in practically every Brazilian city, as it is fundamental to help us prevent some diseases related to the health of our feet, besides being determinant in the cure of these evils that afflict us in our day to day.

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