Hot stone massage

When you study the history of our civilization, you realize that many techniques, inventions and procedures of the ancient world, are in full activity to this day, in many areas, this legacy originates from many peoples, that even without much technology or knowledge scientific, have left us their wonderful works, which we can enjoy every day in our lives, many of them are related to our health. A great example of this legacy is the practice of massage, a technique known for more than 5000 years, and which until today is an ally for a healthier quality of life. A very unusual technique in the world of body therapeutic activities is hot stone massage, there are records of the use of hot stones in different cultures and the basis of this practice combines ancient knowledge of Crystal Therapy, Geotherapy, Thermotherapy and Massage Therapy. Currently there is no bibliography dealing with the combination of all these therapies, but its benefits are widely proven by its practitioners. In technical terms, hot stone massage can be the application of Thermotherapy, where stones are considered a vehicle for hot and cold temperatures, applied alternately or at the same time in the body. We also consider that the massage maneuvers used in the therapy and the different crystals with chromatic variations, are factors that support the treatment. The great differential of this relaxing therapeutic technique is that hot stone massage combines therapeutic techniques of manipulation, hot oils and aromatherapy that provides relief of muscle tension, allowing you to achieve a deep sense of pleasure, relaxation and well-being. The Hot Stone technique makes use of the energetic and vibrating effects of the properties of volcanic stones at various temperatures. It acts on the physical plane, while providing the relaxation and relief of pain. It is reflected in the mental and spiritual planes by calming the mind. It favors the unlocking and free circulation of the energy of our body. In addition, it has a detoxifying and draining effect on the tissues due to the deep stimulation that is done to the metabolism. There is a decrease in muscle pains and spasms and the balance of the body chakras. In short, it causes a deep state of relaxation.

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