Facial Drainage

One of the most active and fastest growing markets in all parts of the world, is the universe of aesthetics, there are many procedures, treatments, drugs, substances that allow us to live healthier, better looking, and even with a quality of life. Brazil is one of the most attractive, productive and consuming markets in the world, we are obsessed with the ideal aesthetic beauty, and every day people in every region of our country look for some alternative to make life healthier, with aesthetic procedures. The most common procedure of many Brazilians is the practice of massage, an excellent alternative of therapeutic body activity, which is widely used for various purposes, and has been increasingly used for aesthetic treatments. A good example of this good use is facial drainage, technically known as facial lymphatic drainage. This massage technique is full of benefits, it helps activate the blood circulation, promoting the relaxation of the muscles of the face and eliminating the toxins (which form the lymph), which cause fine lines and expression marks. Its advantages range from revitalizing the skin of the face, softening dark circles and even treating bruises due to trauma, diseases and surgeries. All the touches and maneuvers of the facial drainage, just like in the corporal, are made smoothly. One of the main objectives of facial drainage has preventive, aesthetic and therapeutic goals, as it stimulates the defense system, the oxygenation of the tissues and helps in the elimination of liquids that are retained, toning the skin and delaying the aging of the tissues. This esthetic therapeutic technique is very interesting, it is usually performed a massage on the face, neck and neck, being one of the best beauty care, since it removes dead cells (no exfoliation is performed), nourishes, moisturizes, tones, improves circulation and disguises wrinkles. Among the aesthetic treatments. Lymphatic drainage is one of the most known and sought after. Promising to end up with fluid retention and cellulite, facial drainage is indicated for men and women, always in well-structured and well-conceived clinics, which can be found in any region of Brazil.

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