Candle Massage

If we nowadays have a longer life expectancy than centuries ago, it is due to the legacy left by our ancestors, many people have developed innovations in various areas of human activity, and often serve as reference today, or are still incorporated in their natural way. A good example is the practice of massage, a technique that has been cultivated until now in several countries of the world, offering a variety of techniques, with some specific for certain types of treatments or cures. Nowadays it is practiced with more regularity, because its benefits are vast, and promote a change of lifestyle. Many cultures still use massage as recommended for many ailments to health, and other cultures will recreate new concepts within therapeutic bodily activities. A good example of this is the creation of the candle massage, adapted and popularized by the Americans, worldwide known as “candle massage.” Candle massage is a technique that fully meets the modern needs of well being, relaxation, softness and warmth with This massage is part of a holistic approach, alternating gentle and toning maneuvers to alleviate the various physical and psychological ailments, besides it relieves muscular tensions, pain, fatigue and muscular rigidity, and also improves the The candle massage technique, which is much sought after by enthusiasts of this therapeutic activity, utilizes candles and candles to help eliminate insomnia, impatience and irritation, and even hydrate the skin. candles that contain pure essential oils and oils, allowing a pleasant and calming scent, among other benefits to the body, resulting from the action of the aromatherapy used. The candles used in the art are not the same ones, which have the paraffin as the base. They are made from beeswax or vegetable wax (soybeans, for example), essential and vegetable oils. Due to the low melting point of the waxes used, they do not reach high temperatures, therefore, they do not damage the skin. Certainly a very interesting alternative in the universe of massage for you to try.

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