Bamboo Therapy

The search for full beauty has always been a goal of many ancient peoples, this obsession for the beautiful is millenarian, and several individuals dedicated their life, in search of ultimate beauty. There have been many experiments, many attempts, many procedures over time, many of these discoveries are incorporated into our day to this day, some have been improved, and some still preserve their roots. One of the greatest legacies left by the ancient peoples, who have proven to bring about improvements to the body both in the aesthetic aspect and in the field of improving health, is the practice of massage, a very old procedure practiced by several cultures, but spread mainly by Chinese people. Nowadays, massage is a great ally of any individual, to have a healthier life, a more preserved skin and a well functioning body. Several massage techniques are found here in our country, we are a nation that has incorporated this healthy habit into our daily lives. A French technique has become popular in the world of therapeutic body activities, its name is derived from its nature, is bambuterapia, is a massage technique, made with bamboo, one of the most incredible and versatile materials of our nature. Through maneuvers performed with bamboos of different sizes and diameters, massage relaxes, reduces tensions and helps to eliminate the toxic substances of the organism. Bamboos are very functional as they can be associated with virtually all massage techniques. Its most common association has been the Modeling Massage, because its application greatly accelerates the process of local hyperemia and muscle toning, helping to improve the appearance of cellulite. Bambuterapia is very effective, and has been much sought after by men and women. Its application with the Relaxing Massage or Therapy has a great effect, because it manages to work more efficiently on the tensioned muscles, especially in the care of the male audience, who have stiffer muscles. When heated, bamboos promote faster muscle relaxation and great mental relaxation. Bambuterapia is an excellent option in the universe of therapeutic massages, look for a clinic near you, and enjoy this aesthetic therapy.

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