Outdoor sports

One of the best ways to lead a life is by doing physical or sports activities in addition to doing our health well, they also provide socialization, as well as being fun and can be done by people of all ages. It is very good to practice outdoor sports, and in our tropical country, this possibility is infinite, any public space like squares, parks and beaches, see real sports centers and varied physical activities, allowing a greater integration of the residents of a certain locality. And anywhere in Brazil, there are people practicing their sports outdoors, whether in the main park of the city, or in the square near their residence, and if these places offer an adequate structure, the frequency of activities, and the number of practitioners , increases considerably. In any season of the year, there will always be people of all ages exercising in the public spaces of Brazilian cities, and with the change of mentality and a new awareness of civil society and the political class, there are more and more projects, children, adults and the elderly, to access a sports activity, or a sport of their own, often at no cost, and by their region, encouraging the practice of sports outdoors or indoors. Surely at least once in your life, you’ve practiced your favorite sport on some grass in a square, all this on the impromptu, and sure enough you had fun. The good thing about doing outdoor sports, is the contact with nature, if the environment is wooded better yet, besides the sport provide pleasure and adrenaline, nature helps to relax and unwind. For those who like to gather friends, and still maintain a healthy life, outdoor sports are a great way to reconcile friendship, fun and competition, which can be provided in any square or park near your home, ideal for you go on bike, on the hike or even running, if it is a beach of your choice, the possibilities are also quite extensive for exercising and entertaining.


Care for our health is always a priority in our lives, and we strive not to get the best treatments and health professionals when there is some urgency or need. Taking care of the health of our body, also begins with the prevention of some ills, and some professionals are specialized in helping us in this context, and when there is some real need, one of these health professionals, which falls in this case, prevention and treatment, is the podiatrist, this professional who is dedicated exclusively to take care of the health of our feet, so mistreated with the use of wrong or uncomfortable shoes, and who suffer wear also with the advancement of age, whether in men or women. The podiatrist treats and guides in the prevention of superficial pathologies and possible deformities of the feet. It is enabled to make use of proper and sterilized punching instruments. Also topical medications and orthotics, according to the treatment indicated to the patient. Among the main Podopathies that the Podiatrist takes care of are: diabetic feet, calluses, heel cracks, ingrown nails, fish eyes, chilblains, feet analysis, correct nail cutting, hygiene, callus removal and calluses, treatment of mycoses on the nails and on the skin and correction of the nails, among other evils that affect people of both sexes and of all the ages.
The main goal of a good professional podiatrist is to study the feet completely, making recognition, identification and treatment of their superficial diseases. It works in the phases of protection, prevention, recovery and rehabilitation of foot pathologies, besides guiding the selection of suitable types of footwear and socks and the care that must be taken with shoes. A podiatrist can be found in podiatry clinics, hospitals, beauty clinics, beauty salons, SPAs and home care.
In Brazil there are several of these professionals in practically every Brazilian city, as it is fundamental to help us prevent some diseases related to the health of our feet, besides being determinant in the cure of these evils that afflict us in our day to day.

Facial Drainage

One of the most active and fastest growing markets in all parts of the world, is the universe of aesthetics, there are many procedures, treatments, drugs, substances that allow us to live healthier, better looking, and even with a quality of life. Brazil is one of the most attractive, productive and consuming markets in the world, we are obsessed with the ideal aesthetic beauty, and every day people in every region of our country look for some alternative to make life healthier, with aesthetic procedures. The most common procedure of many Brazilians is the practice of massage, an excellent alternative of therapeutic body activity, which is widely used for various purposes, and has been increasingly used for aesthetic treatments. A good example of this good use is facial drainage, technically known as facial lymphatic drainage. This massage technique is full of benefits, it helps activate the blood circulation, promoting the relaxation of the muscles of the face and eliminating the toxins (which form the lymph), which cause fine lines and expression marks. Its advantages range from revitalizing the skin of the face, softening dark circles and even treating bruises due to trauma, diseases and surgeries. All the touches and maneuvers of the facial drainage, just like in the corporal, are made smoothly. One of the main objectives of facial drainage has preventive, aesthetic and therapeutic goals, as it stimulates the defense system, the oxygenation of the tissues and helps in the elimination of liquids that are retained, toning the skin and delaying the aging of the tissues. This esthetic therapeutic technique is very interesting, it is usually performed a massage on the face, neck and neck, being one of the best beauty care, since it removes dead cells (no exfoliation is performed), nourishes, moisturizes, tones, improves circulation and disguises wrinkles. Among the aesthetic treatments. Lymphatic drainage is one of the most known and sought after. Promising to end up with fluid retention and cellulite, facial drainage is indicated for men and women, always in well-structured and well-conceived clinics, which can be found in any region of Brazil.

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Humanity, since its origin, has always had a great partnership with nature, a constant link, and through this coexistence, nowadays we can live with a lot of comforts. The human species has always been obsessed by the understanding of nature, of everything it can provide for our evolution. The roots, leaves, fruits, seeds and any part of plants and trees, have always been the raw material of a series of products, accessories, foods, essences, oils, and a myriad of derivatives from the vegetable world.
A great contribution coming from plants, are the oils, which are extracted in different ways, and for various purposes. This process is very old, and nowadays it is widely used for various treatments, especially when applied with the use of massage, it is called aromatherapy, a treatment therapy aimed at curing a mental or physical ailment. It is a therapeutic practice that uses the properties of 100% pure essential oils to restore balance and personal harmony. There are many benefits of aromatherapy and its use is very broad, suitable for several cases. There are innumerable forms of application in which essential oils can be used, and the most appropriate form will always be circumstantial, that is to say, it depends on each situation. One of the benefits of aromatherapy is its use for relaxing aromatic Thai massage, as it assists in reducing stress, muscle relaxation, circulation stimulation, depurative treatments and local analgesia. Another benefit is the direct inhalation of oil, indicated primarily for cases of respiratory and skin conditions, and for a rapid change in emotional state, and can also be conducted through the use of the facial steam bath or through inhalation. The benefits of aromatherapy are varied, and even the health of our feet can help, as is done in the foot scaling procedure, which consists of a bath dipped in feet with hot water and essential oils, highly recommended in cases of insomnia, congestion, headaches, minorities, flu and colds, among others.
In short, there are varied benefits in aromatherapy, look for a professional and better understand your applications and how this natural therapy can improve your life.

Holistic Therapies

Nowadays, if we look at most of the aesthetic procedures available on the market, some of them come from ancient civilizations, and many of them have been improved, and are part of the routine of millions of people around the world. Here in Brazil, all the aesthetic procedures found worldwide are available, as we are one of the largest markets in the world, and in any Brazilian region, you have found a good clinic that meets your aesthetic desire. Very usual therapeutic procedures, can also be a great ally in the regeneration and cure of various diseases, whether psychological, are apparent. A very well-regarded technique has gained many supporters, since they offer a range of health benefits, as is the case of holistic therapy, the principle of this therapy is to treat the human being as a whole. It is common to see people of all ages who find themselves in negative emotional, mental, or spiritual states. Many of them are unable to develop their daily activities in the way they would like it to be. In this context holistic therapy works to improve their attention and their better understanding of situations. Holistic therapy is a generic name given to various techniques that have in common the fact that they see the human being in its integrity, and not as a fragment. It seeks to deal with all areas of the person’s life, concentrating not only on the symptoms but also on the causes that give rise to the problems that afflict them. Holistic therapy is today one of the fastest growing therapies in the world, and they are often part of Oriental medicines (such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine) that have been in use for thousands of years. The reason for the increased demand for these treatments is due to the fact that they all focus on the human being as an integral being. Thus, in the holistic approach the disease of the physical body is only the reflection of the disharmonies that already exist in the energetic bodies. Holistic therapies can be applied to any type of person, regardless of age or gender, and is often effective in alleviating disorders related to the universe of children and youth.

Massage for athletes

One of the greatest pleasures of life for many people anywhere in the world is sports, the best alternative to lead your life and your family, as well as promoting numerous health benefits, it also helps with discipline and sociability. The practice of sports is ancient, and all people have realized that this activity is very healthy and aggregative. Nowadays, millions of people in all parts of the world practice their favorite sports with their friends, whatever the sport, most of them amateur athletes, or what we call weekend athletes in Brazil. Who is a professional athlete experiences a special preparation, aimed at their income, to favor their association, and often this individual receives special attention, like a massage for athletes, that can be preventive, strengthening the musculature for eventual injuries, or it can be regenerative, applied after prolonged and exhausting physical activity. Massage for athletes is also widely used for amateur athletes, for those who practice any physical exercise, it can be a great ally in the prevention of injuries. Sports massage helps improve blood circulation to eliminate toxins accumulated in the muscles during activities and benefits both professional and amateur athletes. Just know what the body really needs before or after physical practice: each sport requires a different massage job. After physical exercises, massage for athletes is highly recommended for all sports. In addition to helping with muscle rest, it promotes psychological well-being and indicates that the heart no longer needs to keep up with the rhythm it was in during the activity. Among the most common cases of problems solved almost instantly with massage for athletes are cramps. They manifest themselves when the athlete is at the limit of fatigue due to the accumulation of toxins in the muscle fibers – the circular movements and stretching aid in the cleaning of these regions. Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, before or after your sport, be sure to perform a good massage for athletes, and guarantee your relaxation and muscular strengthening.


Spirituality has always been beneficial to any human being, and his belief promotes many changes in behavior, lifestyle, and reports of cures for various types of illness. Buddhism is a good example of full spirituality, it is one of the most beautiful religions, surrounded by rituals, aromas, sounds and meditations. And through a Japanese Buddhist, a therapeutic technique originated that became popular very quickly with the passage of the years, its name is Reiki, that is a smooth and non-invasive healing technique, of harmonization and energy replacement, that maintains and regains health. In Oriental medicine disease is seen as a consequence of the disharmony of the more subtle bodies. Through the laying on of hands used by Reiki we can realign the channels of energy of those who receive and thus restore the natural state (physical, emotional, spiritual), eliminating diseases and promoting health. The therapy can be used to treat behavioral problems such as aggression, stress, depression and also after surgeries assisting in the healing process, in elderly animals promoting an improvement in the quality of life and in animals with terminal illnesses helps to soften and give more comfort, relieving pain and facilitating the transition to death. It can, for example, be a support for a treatment of acupuncture, homeopathy, flower essences and all other forms of healing. In order to practice Reiki, it is necessary to develop consciousness and the feeling of unconditional love, so that you move from one person to another, a type of good energy, which has the following objectives: decrease the symptoms of depression and of panic syndrome; decreased impulsivity; strengthening the immune system; increased self-control; increased calm, tranquility and serenity; stress reduction and anxiety; reduction of toxins in the body; hormonal balance and decreased stress symptoms; and increased creativity. Reiki can be applied to people of all ages, and is even being carried out on animals. If you seek a spiritual therapeutic alternative, be sure to practice Reiki, the positive changes in your life will be many.

Natural Therapies in Brasília

The study by nature has always been deep for the human being, to understand its properties and its benefits, have always lived with different peoples and civilizations. Nature has always been associated with good health, and nowadays many aesthetic treatments and procedures are based on the understanding of nature. Many techniques of therapeutic activities are called natural therapies, which are basically procedures that use everything that is natural, to benefit health and improve the quality of life. People in all parts of Brazil are looking for these therapeutic techniques, and in the midwest you can find natural therapies in Brasilia, with a lot of variety, that offer the following techniques: Acupuncture, Bach Floral, Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Phytotherapy , Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy and others. Many residents of the capital of the republic, as well as their thousands of daily visitors, look for the best natural therapies in Brasilia, because its benefits are many, such as: provide a feeling of well-being and happiness; prevent the onset of various types of disease; contains the evolution of specific diseases; increase body awareness; activate the immune system; awaken new senses; open your mind and give you a broader view of the world; for self-knowledge; for personal transformation; improve body aesthetics; to curb the evolution of various types of diseases and injuries in the body; among others. Usually adopts these therapeutic procedures in their routine, seeks a change of life, a universe of more health, and much more relaxation and well-being. As the city is one of the most agitated in our country, both men and women, have been seeking our sensations with the practice of natural therapies in Brasilia, and thus live with fewer pains and injuries in the body, and mitigate various effects caused by depressions and stress. The success of the search for these natural therapies in Brasilia is because they use the resources available in nature or use methods that do not harm the body to promote health, cure and prevent diseases. Natural therapies can use plants, flowers, essential oils, clay, manual methods such as massage and lymphatic drainage, postural and breathing exercises, self-help methods and even feeding interventions.

Candle Massage

If we nowadays have a longer life expectancy than centuries ago, it is due to the legacy left by our ancestors, many people have developed innovations in various areas of human activity, and often serve as reference today, or are still incorporated in their natural way. A good example is the practice of massage, a technique that has been cultivated until now in several countries of the world, offering a variety of techniques, with some specific for certain types of treatments or cures. Nowadays it is practiced with more regularity, because its benefits are vast, and promote a change of lifestyle. Many cultures still use massage as recommended for many ailments to health, and other cultures will recreate new concepts within therapeutic bodily activities. A good example of this is the creation of the candle massage, adapted and popularized by the Americans, worldwide known as “candle massage.” Candle massage is a technique that fully meets the modern needs of well being, relaxation, softness and warmth with This massage is part of a holistic approach, alternating gentle and toning maneuvers to alleviate the various physical and psychological ailments, besides it relieves muscular tensions, pain, fatigue and muscular rigidity, and also improves the The candle massage technique, which is much sought after by enthusiasts of this therapeutic activity, utilizes candles and candles to help eliminate insomnia, impatience and irritation, and even hydrate the skin. candles that contain pure essential oils and oils, allowing a pleasant and calming scent, among other benefits to the body, resulting from the action of the aromatherapy used. The candles used in the art are not the same ones, which have the paraffin as the base. They are made from beeswax or vegetable wax (soybeans, for example), essential and vegetable oils. Due to the low melting point of the waxes used, they do not reach high temperatures, therefore, they do not damage the skin. Certainly a very interesting alternative in the universe of massage for you to try.

Hot stone massage

When you study the history of our civilization, you realize that many techniques, inventions and procedures of the ancient world, are in full activity to this day, in many areas, this legacy originates from many peoples, that even without much technology or knowledge scientific, have left us their wonderful works, which we can enjoy every day in our lives, many of them are related to our health. A great example of this legacy is the practice of massage, a technique known for more than 5000 years, and which until today is an ally for a healthier quality of life. A very unusual technique in the world of body therapeutic activities is hot stone massage, there are records of the use of hot stones in different cultures and the basis of this practice combines ancient knowledge of Crystal Therapy, Geotherapy, Thermotherapy and Massage Therapy. Currently there is no bibliography dealing with the combination of all these therapies, but its benefits are widely proven by its practitioners. In technical terms, hot stone massage can be the application of Thermotherapy, where stones are considered a vehicle for hot and cold temperatures, applied alternately or at the same time in the body. We also consider that the massage maneuvers used in the therapy and the different crystals with chromatic variations, are factors that support the treatment. The great differential of this relaxing therapeutic technique is that hot stone massage combines therapeutic techniques of manipulation, hot oils and aromatherapy that provides relief of muscle tension, allowing you to achieve a deep sense of pleasure, relaxation and well-being. The Hot Stone technique makes use of the energetic and vibrating effects of the properties of volcanic stones at various temperatures. It acts on the physical plane, while providing the relaxation and relief of pain. It is reflected in the mental and spiritual planes by calming the mind. It favors the unlocking and free circulation of the energy of our body. In addition, it has a detoxifying and draining effect on the tissues due to the deep stimulation that is done to the metabolism. There is a decrease in muscle pains and spasms and the balance of the body chakras. In short, it causes a deep state of relaxation.

Bamboo Therapy

The search for full beauty has always been a goal of many ancient peoples, this obsession for the beautiful is millenarian, and several individuals dedicated their life, in search of ultimate beauty. There have been many experiments, many attempts, many procedures over time, many of these discoveries are incorporated into our day to this day, some have been improved, and some still preserve their roots. One of the greatest legacies left by the ancient peoples, who have proven to bring about improvements to the body both in the aesthetic aspect and in the field of improving health, is the practice of massage, a very old procedure practiced by several cultures, but spread mainly by Chinese people. Nowadays, massage is a great ally of any individual, to have a healthier life, a more preserved skin and a well functioning body. Several massage techniques are found here in our country, we are a nation that has incorporated this healthy habit into our daily lives. A French technique has become popular in the world of therapeutic body activities, its name is derived from its nature, is bambuterapia, is a massage technique, made with bamboo, one of the most incredible and versatile materials of our nature. Through maneuvers performed with bamboos of different sizes and diameters, massage relaxes, reduces tensions and helps to eliminate the toxic substances of the organism. Bamboos are very functional as they can be associated with virtually all massage techniques. Its most common association has been the Modeling Massage, because its application greatly accelerates the process of local hyperemia and muscle toning, helping to improve the appearance of cellulite. Bambuterapia is very effective, and has been much sought after by men and women. Its application with the Relaxing Massage or Therapy has a great effect, because it manages to work more efficiently on the tensioned muscles, especially in the care of the male audience, who have stiffer muscles. When heated, bamboos promote faster muscle relaxation and great mental relaxation. Bambuterapia is an excellent option in the universe of therapeutic massages, look for a clinic near you, and enjoy this aesthetic therapy.

Interpersonal relationship and massage therapy

Before deciding whether a course is suitable for your profile or not, it is necessary to know the daily life of the professionals who already work in the area. This is an efficient way to predict whether you will identify with the job vacancies that the profession offers.

So it is necessary to emphasize that a successful career depends on a lot of commitment and dedication and the more the work routine has to do with your profile, the easier this task will be.

For those who think about becoming a massage technician, for example, it is necessary to know that direct contact with clients is something that is part of the daily routine of the professional, that is, it is imperative that the professional has a good conversation and a great interpersonal relationship with people, otherwise it will be very difficult to deal with the adversities found in everyday life, since besides the massage therapist promote health and well-being, he should also know how to listen to his patients, in order to promote a service each better.

How to Become a Massage Therapist

Although the therapy is part of human history since the beginning of our journey on earth, unfortunately the area of ​​massage therapy still suffers a lot of prejudice because of its not so well known labor market, however this prejudice has been changing in recent years with the increase of the number of adherents of this practice.

 If you are interested in becoming a massage therapist, the first step is to seek a technical course in the area, this course usually lasts about a year and a half and in it you will learn numerous massage techniques that you can apply to your future patients. There are still cases of people who just want to specialize in a specific technique, for these people there is another alternative that is to look for a free course aimed at their preferred practice.

During these free courses you will learn isolated and specific techniques that best suit your profile. The free courses are considered important by those who already work in the area because they are usually decisive for the students to decide if they really want to become massage therapists.

The importance of Biosafety for the health professional

The professional who chooses to follow this area must have knowledge about all biosafety standards, as they provide the necessary support to provide a good service that will mainly focus on the health and well-being of the patient. Biosafety is the set of procedures and studies of relevant importance that aims at both minimizing and eliminating risks, where the health and well-being of man, animals and the environment can be compromised, that is, it is responsible for the decrease of complications from the treatment that will be applied.

According to the standards of biosafety some personal protective equipment are essential for prevention of contamination by microorganisms, among them we can mention: disposable gloves, disposable mask, disposable cap and disposable lab coat.

In addition, a professional wishing to open a clinic or spa should be aware that all establishments must comply with and comply with current health legislation and that failure to comply with these standards may have more serious consequences.

Labor Market and Consolidation – Massage Therapy

Are you passionate about massage therapy but are you afraid of the job market in this area?

According to the World Health Organization, more than 20% of the world population is dealing with holistic therapies today. If we make a brief projection of this 20% index on a country like Brazil that owns (206 million), we reach 41 million potential customers in the country, that is, the demand for these services only tends to increase over the next few years. It is important to emphasize the importance of its professional consolidation and qualification, since the massotherapy market has a large number of professionals.

But how to get this much-dreamed consolidation?

In order to be successful and recognized in the business, it is necessary to align good strategic planning, effective marketing strategies and the provision of a quality service, only so more and more people will be interested in your work and feel satisfied with your service, for this it is imperative to know your audience, promote shows of your work and offer loyalty programs.